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WishList Member User Reviews

Currently there are 1 reviews of WishList Member left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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1 Review

  1. Wishlist member is causing another plugin of mine to not work correctly . I emailed their support . They told me to have the company of the plugin that is not working fix the issue . Once I turn off wishlist the issue is gone and the other plugin works great . Do not buy wishlist member their support is terrible . Wasted $200 . GRRR

  2. I’m honestly pretty pissed with the fact I haven’t received my package within 5 days.. there is no way to talk to a supervisor and you have no idea where the package is at and their estimated dates of when it will be here are completely useless! I mean I’m gonna wait as long as I can but after this bs I’m done going on their site!

  3. Wishlist has the WORST customer service, the owner and and head of tech support are both pricks, and they charge for updates – if you don’t pay the annual $100+ dollar update fee the software ceases to work.

    I hope they get hacked and shut down.

    Terrible, terrible business.

  4. Very upset with them.

    I had a training course/membership site about 6 years ago. Recently I created a training program and wanted to dust off my wishlist software.

    Unfortunately, I gotta use the 2011 version, the update costs extra.

    they say in there sales video; no hidden fees. WHat a joke!

  5. The tutorials are not helpful for understanding the registration flow. The support is obviously based in non-English speaking countries. I have been trying to get help for over a week now, and it is truly awful.

  6. It doesn’t matter what it can do– I highly-recommend staying away from it because of the lack of support. There is no live support (not even chat). The only option you have is their Ticket System which is slow and unhelpful. (Because their first two or three answers tell you to try things that you’ve either already tried, or that don’t work, it’s usually a week or more before you will get an answer that helps–or worse, tells you what you want to do isn’t possible.)

    Their documentation is sparse, poorly-organized and UNSEARCHABLE! Mind you, it HAS a search box, but it doesn’t matter what you type in to it (even “Wishlist”!) it ALWAYS comes up empty. So your only choice is to read every topic and click on the ones you think might help, and then go back to the drawing board when they don’t.

    Lastly, they have not kept up with technology. With all of the API connectivity going on in the web-o-sphere, they don’t integrate well with very many systems, and for those that they do work well with, their documentation is practically non-existent, so you’re on your own to get it set up correctly.

    Save yourself from pulling out your hair and find another solution!

    1. I absolutely agree!!! What a waste of my money.

  7. Not very helpful support. If you want to create forums and protect them you can. However any topics that members create will NOT be protected unless you manually go in and protect them….support says that is not supported….really. That is what you claim you can do with your plugin, protect access…try something else and avoid the frustration.

  8. WishList Member has a large number of settings and options that give you a great deal of control over how your membership site will work. While this might seem a bit intimidating at first, once you get familiar with the options on offer, you will soon start to appreciate the level of control you have at your disposal regarding how your site works.

    For the sake of convenience though, out of the box the options of the plugin are all set to usable values so you can get started straight away and begin protecting the content on your website to make it only available to your members.

    As well as all the options and settings, WishList Member isn’t short on features either. With this plugin you can create unlimited membership levels and groups; allow user self-registration; protect your entire site, individual categories, single posts and pages, or even parts of pages; and drip feed the release of content to your members over a set schedule.

    If you are building something that requires features beyond those found in a standard membership site then WishList Member is a great choice. However, even if you don’t need anything above the ordinary now, choosing this plugin gives you plenty of room and scope to grow in the future.

    WishList Member successfully combines a wealth of options and settings with an easy to use interface to help you get started straight away, with the ability to make use of more advanced features as your needs grow.

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Price WishList Member Avg. membership Plugin Prices
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Maximum (1 Site) 97.00 USD 129.77 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 297.00 USD 158.77 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 297.00 USD 191.99 USD


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