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  1. If this is your first time to buy a membership plugin, the settings of Restrict Content Pro can overwhelm you. However, it comes with a Help section to help you in configuring each tab.

    I like the level of customization involved in this plugin. I can easily specify my currency and provide my PayPal details in the Payments tab, create customized message for my site’s visitors whenever they view free or premium content under the Messages tab, and create customized emails for those who have just subscribed or cancelled (can be done under the Emails tab).

    The list of subscribers can easily be managed under the Members section. I find this helpful as I can view all my site’s subscribers and their current subscription plan and status. Adding of new subscribers or changing their subscription plan can also be done in this section.

    Restricting of content is pretty much straightforward. I mostly use the custom box below the editor of a new post where I can restrict the entire content to paid members. This can be done simply by ticking the ‘Paid Only’ box. However, you can partially restrict your content by using the short codes [restrict] and [/restrict].

    Overall, I find this plugin really helpful especially for sites that require several subscription levels.

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Restrict Content Pro Features

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Restrict Content Pro Pricing

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Price Restrict Content Pro Avg. membership Plugin Prices
Minimum (1 Site) 42.00 USD 76.55 USD
Maximum (1 Site) 155.00 USD 129.77 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 132.00 USD 158.77 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 155.00 USD 191.99 USD


  • Minimum Price: The lowest price a product is available for, e.g. the most basic or a free version.
  • Maximum Price: The highest price a plugin is available for. This factors in the cost of all addons (if any) or the highest premium version sold.
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