WP Shopping Pages – A Free Amazon Affiliate Plugin

The powerful yet easy to use affiliate plugin for WordPress called WP Shopping Pages is now available for free. While previously the plugin was only sold as a premium version, now you have a choice between a free version and a paid version with some additional features. The free version is listed in the official WordPress plugin directory and as such you can install it directly from within your weblog by searching for “wpshoppingpages” on the “Plugins > Add New” screen.

The new free version of WP Shopping Pages allows you to:

  • Create shopping pages filled with affiliate ads related to any keyword and topic of your choice.
  • Earn commission from the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs for anyone that buys from your pages.
  • You can include all available Amazon products and eBay auctions into your pages.
  • Templating system allows you to customize your pages and choose exactly how you want them to look.
  • Works with any WordPress theme. The plugin only generates the content of the pages, your theme chooses the look!
  • Many settings and options to fine tune your results.

The premium version adds support for products from all Linkshare and Commission Junction vendors as well as several advanced settings, including the possibility to cloak all affiliate links added by the plugin automatically.

Go here to download WP Shopping Pages for free from the WP plugin directory!

About Thomas Höfter

I am a WordPress plugin developer from Germany. Some might know me from my WP Robot plugin or one of my free plugins but most don't know me at all. To change that you can write me a message or find me on Google+.


  1. Hi Thomas, I’ve tried Wp Shopping Page, as amazon affliate it’s very helpful to skyrocket my sales…

  2. Thomas, i have to say .. you’re genius !!
    your plugins WP Inject and All Rewriters just made my life easier
    thank you so much for your great work and for posting this great plugins for free as well
    and about this plugin i have a kinda weird question 😀
    is there any way that this plugin can pull the products from amazon without the need to enter my affiliate id?
    or is there any other tool you know about that can do that?
    i know it’s sounds stupid but i wanna use it for the sake of the content not the commission coz i monetize my sites in other ways and i have a problem with the amazon affiliate id regarding my location! and i really want to make an amazon based site but all the plugins need the id to work!
    i would appreciate your help .. thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words and unfortunately what you want to do does not work. Amazon requires an affiliate ID for any API requests to work.

      1. I am an Alibris book seller and I have my own blogs on writing non-fiction histories. My question is whether your pluggin affiliate app could be connected from my wordpress to Alibris? Kind regards, Ric

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