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ManageWP User Reviews

Currently there are 6 reviews of ManageWP left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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6 Reviews

  1. Every once in a while, one reflects on your productivity and what saves you time in the day. I have been participating in the ManageWP Orion beta from day one… and will surely use it for a long time to come. It simply saves an ENORMOUS amount of time… if you are managing a fair number of wordpress sites.

    I have been an IT systems manager for 35+ years now… and I can honestly say that I have rarely seen such a quality product shape up so well, in the space of time that it has. The proactive support is a telling sign of some really passionate people writing the code.

    Overall, ManageWP is a one-stop solution for updating plugins, wordpress revisions and does a great job with backups. I have not really appreciated the downtime monitoring yet, as we are happy with another service. However, in time, it looks as if we will use ManageWP as an all-in-one solution to manage WP sites.

    Yes. I am a bit concerned about the recent acquisition by GoDaddy… as I simply do not like that company nor their marketing tactics. However, in the case of ManageWP, the plugin is so good…. I will have to overlook my personal feelings.

    That said, I sincerely hope that the plugin remains on the course that it is on… that of probably the most useful tool in our IT management suite.

    Job well done in Belgrade!

  2. I used ManageWp for about two years to manage 20 WP sites. It was fairly reliable, easy to use and the support was good.

    Recently (early-2016) they started transitioning to a new user interface they call “Orion”. This included a new dashboard that I still have yet to figure out. I get so lost trying to backup, update, clone, etc.

    The new “Orion” has caused me to search for a new system. The interface is not user friendly and the backup system is not as reliable as it use to be.

    Six months ago I would have given ManageWP a 4+ rating. now though… it is barely a three (and that’s being nice).

  3. i had problems with these guys that caused the system to crash
    didnt at the time have packet sending of files
    total disaster

  4. I’ve been using ManageWP for a little over a year now and I’ve truly come to love the platform. As a web designer and blogger, I run and manage multiple WordPress blogs, and ManageWP takes the hassle out of a lot of my work for me.

    As a dashboard manager, I can go to my single dashboard on ManageWP and then access and manage all my sites from there. I think one of the best features about it is how it consolidates other actions outside of just managing content on mt sites. I can create full backups, clone sites and deploy them in a couple minutes, check backlinks and broken links, get a look at Google Analytics and even check for malware.

    The biggest selling points for me was the clone tool. As a web designer, it takes hours out of my designs and helps me to ultimately make more money. And the iPhone app helps me monitor things while I’m away from my computer. I perfer this option over others like MainWP because it’s not being hosted on my server and if I run into an issue, then someone else gets to deal with the headache of fixing the problems with the server.

    On the flip side though, I agree with the comment above: ManageWP isn’t for everyone.

    If you only run a couple of sites, then you don’t really need help in “managing” things, however, the other features beyond simple content management are still pretty great so it could be a good option depending on what you want and your budget.

    I’ve never had any complaints for as long as I’ve used it and I see it as a vital part of my business.

  5. This plugin was primarily designed for people who manage multiple WordPress sites and don’t want the hassle of jumping around from dashboard to dashboard. From my experience, it’s a pretty amazing plugin, and I’ve been very satisfied with it. Although I don’t think it’s necessary if you’re only managing 3 or 4 sites, it’s great if you’ve got 5 or more on your plate. If you’ve got 10 or more, then Manage WP or something similar is pretty much a necessity if you want to maintain your sanity.

    I rely on staying highly organized to get everything done, and any time I can consolidate tasks onto a single interface, I love it. Probably the best part of this plugin is the time it saves you when updating themes, doing site backups and the like. There’s plenty of features so it can be used to meet your specific needs. You can quickly edit the posts and comments from all of your sites with ease. Also, it’s affordable because it’s only 70 cents per site per month for basic service.

    When it comes to the negatives, they are pretty minimal. There are some occasional glitches from time to time like certain sites disappearing and I have to add them again. Also, sending client reports can be a bit of a pain because when you send a list of the tasks you completed, it doesn’t always go through.

    My verdict is that if you’re managing several sites and want to streamline things and simplify your life, then Manage WP is something to look into. Minus the occasional bugs, it works really well. However, if you’re only managing a few sites, then it’s probably unnecessary.

    1. It isn’t a plugin. It’s a hosted SaaS.

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My ManageWP Review

ManageWP is one of the oldest and largest services to manage multiple WordPress blogs on the market. It allows you to add any number of websites to manage them from a single dashboard and save a lot of time you would spend on your day to day WP management tasks by automating them or processing them in bulk. The service was launched in early 2012 after a long beta phase that already started in 2010. All its members combined use ManageWP to manage over 200,000 WordPress weblogs remotely according to its creators.

the ManageWP WordPress management dashboard
A look at the ManageWP dashboard from where you can manage all your WordPress blogs together.

There is a core set of features that is part of all WP management services compared here: They all let you add all your website to a single account, update plugins and themes easily, quickly login to your sites and create backups. What is different is how they implement those basic features in their interface and how easy to use their management dashboard (pictured above for ManageWP) is.

ManageWP is the only reviewed product which has included advanced SEO features into the software. Those features allow you to track keyword rankings for your website in Google and give you a regular SEO report with details about backlinks and other metrics. While the SEO features in ManageWP can not match what any professional SEO suite such as Raven Tools has to offer it can certainly be interesting for people looking for an all-in-one solution getting WordPress management and basic SEO tracking in the same package.

As the de-facto industry leader ManageWP does have a larger support team than most of the alternatives and they boast with a response time to support requests below an hour. This also makes them well suited for enterprise customers and large organizations for which they offer custom tailored plans as well as a self-hosted version of their dashboard.

ManageWP is undoubtedly the pioneer of the WordPress management services, being developed by a professional team, offering good support and boasting a large number of features, including unique SEO and rank tracking tools. But all this comes at a high cost: Their tiered pricing model make ManageWP the most expensive service in the comparisons and some of the alternatives are not far behind in functionality.

ManageWP has a free account option for managing up to 5 blogs. The price of premium subscriptions depends on the number of weblogs you want to manage as well as the features you want to have access to and can be paid monthly or yearly at a discount. A plan for 5 sites at the ‘Basic’ level is $4 per month while ‘Professional’ costs $12 and the ‘Business’ level $24. (Update: ManageWP have recently changed their pricing to be per domain instead of per site. This is especially great for people using WordPress multisite, hosting blogs on subdomains or using staging environments – all of which won’t count towards your account limit anymore.)

Follow this link to compare the price of all reviewed WordPress managers and find the most affordable one for the amount of blogs you want to manage and the features you need.

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Average Rating: 5 (out of 288 reviews)

ManageWP has a rating of 96% (out of 100) in the official WordPress plugin directory. In total there are 288 reviews for ManageWP. Go to to browse all the reviews.

Please note that the reviews in the plugin directory are only for the free version of ManageWP and not for the pro version or any commercial addons. The free version has been downloaded 2832570 times.

ManageWP Features

With ManageWP you can use 32 out of 35 features that I track for WordPress management plugins in my comparison. Click the link to see a list of all available features.

Please note that I only track features as reported by the developers in this review and comparison. I can make no judgement over how well the features listed below will work for you. I recommend you test ManageWP and some of its competitors yourself before deciding.

ManageWP Pricing

See the table below for a quick overview of ManageWP prices as well as a comparison with average prices of management plugins. Please go to the main article to compare the price of ManageWP with other management plugins.

Price ManageWP Avg. management Plugin Prices
Minimum (1 Site) 0.00 USD 1.63 USD
Maximum (1 Site) 239.99 USD 430.48 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 70.00 USD 43.43 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 419.98 USD 531.34 USD


  • Minimum Price: The lowest price a product is available for, e.g. the most basic or a free version.
  • Maximum Price: The highest price a plugin is available for. This factors in the cost of all addons (if any) or the highest premium version sold.
  • 10 Site Prices: Certain plugins get more expensive if you want to use them on more than 1 WordPress blog. Refer to the 10 site price to see such a difference.

Disclaimer: While we update this review regularly we can not guarantee the prices displayed above are still correct and take no responsibility if they changed.

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