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WooCommerce User Reviews

Currently there are 8 reviews of WooCommerce left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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8 Reviews

  1. I’ve been using WooCommerce for more than 3 years now for both small and medium-size shops. I also have experience with OpenCart, Magento and PrestaShop, but I can say that at least in terms of comprehensiveness, WooCommerce is the best.

    This is probably thanks to WordPress and the great integration. I also enjoy the large community of developers who work to build better extensions day in and day out, and all the beautiful themes that you can find for WordPress and are also compatible with WooCommerce.

    If you are planning to start an eCommerce business, I would definitely recommend using WooCommerce even though it isn’t a standalone solution. I like that is simple, minimalist and offers exactly what you would expect from an eCommerce plugin.

    I like that is open-source and you find plenty of tutorials and tools to customize it according to your plans.

    Things I don’t Like!

    1. The fact that is included in WordPress and not a standalone solution
    2. Great for small and medium-size stores, but not the best option for large eStores.

  2. Woocommerce is the best choice for anyone starting Ecommerce.

    When you will need a lot more complicated shop, you will be rich enough to buy any shop system, so do not worry about the future 🙂

  3. eCommerce is hard and there’s no way around that. It *should* be hard because you’re dealing with people’s money.

    I found the setup for Woocommerce to be very straightforward with lots of help along the way.

    There was a few things that I was completely clueless about and found some VERY good help on the Woo site.

    I really have nothing bad to say 🙂

  4. WooCommerce is definitely the most preferred eCommerce plugin because of its varied functionalities and it is easily customizable. Even many of our clients are happy with the WooCommerce extensions and services we provide because it’s quite easy to use for the clients also as you don’t have to be very technologically developed person to understand WooCommerce.

    I like the one page checkout options, lot of coupons, discount options and you find lot of add-ons like plugins and widgets. We can keep track of our store’s performance with sales reports, stock reports, managing orders etc. great part is WooCommerce can be used by small businesses to large corporates. The plugin is updated frequently and the newer versions keeps on getting better.

  5. WooCommerce was a lifesaver. We were on Cart66 and had tried
    1) Prestashop (reliability issues, lost all data when upgrading)
    2) OpenCart (messy marketplace system, not many add ons updated to the latest version)
    3) Magento (plain slow and extremely expensive to upgrade and maintain)
    4) OSCommerce (got a headache to get it to work)

    By then, Cart66 launched and we spent quite a fair bit to get it up and running. However, Cart66 was frustrating as they did not use any custom post types back then, meaning the only difference between a blog post and a product, was the category… =.=

    One day, our shopping cart stopped working, and amidst frustrated customers who couldn’t purchase anything, we switched over to WooCommerce. And it worked like a charm…

    Until August the 1st, 2013, when prices of everything suddenly shot up. Due to a scarcity of funds, there were some extensions that we had not purchased yet, but they were adamant that long term customers won’t be able to do so. In comparison, some plugin authors advertise their pending price change for a month in advance.

    And though WooCommerce is good, due to their need to keep churning out extensions, some, like the product finder extension, doesn’t get updated at all =.=

    Overall, a good, but pricey solution. If your revenue is more than USD 5 mil, go for enterprise solutions like Demandware and Hybris. If you’re below that, think hard about whether you’re keen on WooCommerce or competitors like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Prestashop

  6. WooCommerce was my first choice for eCommerce on wordpress. I recently built a client a site with over 1,000+ products and accessories, now they are planning on adding close to 10,000 products. So anyone who says wordpress is only good for 5-10 products is absolutely wrong.
    Is the site usable? I experienced slow down but so would anyone using any other platform on initial launch. Mostly due to image sizes and to many http requests. After optimizing the sites images and compressing all .js files and .css files and adding CDN the site went from 15 sec load time down to 4-5 seconds according to pingdom.com and gtmetrix.com. Page speed grade went from F to B (88%).
    My next plan is to consolidate all the JS and CSS files.
    Also if I get the client to switch to a dedicated hosting solution we should be able to increase load time another 2-3 seconds.

    WooCommerce is free and best part its easy to learn for anyone. Also they offer many add-ons to customize to your clients specific requests and needs.

  7. I have used WooCommerce many times for a multitude of clients, everywhere from 4 products up to 50+ products. It is very easy to customize, especially if you already know your way around WordPress. It has become my go to for anyone needing a good eCommerce solution.

    WooCommerce can become sluggish over time if you aren’t careful. Make sure to compress your images and keep your other WordPress plugins to a minimum. As always I recommend serving your images off of a CDN. If everything is optimized correctly and you have a good web host/theme you should be able to keep the load time under a second.

    One great thing about WooCommerce is that it is pretty easy to use. I have developed sites for business owners that haven’t even used WordPress before and within a matter of hours they were in the back-end uploading products and setting prices. Also you can’t beat free! It can be a little tricky when you get into product variations, but I have yet to see an alternative eCommerce solution for WordPress that does it any better.

    If you need a special function or feature there is most likely a plugin that will accomplish what you need. There are thousands of WooCommerce plugins. I would be careful though because there are a lot of bad ones out there. Make sure to find a developer from a reputable source with good ratings. One of my clients needed to be able to let wholesalers login and see different prices to be able to purchase in bulk. We were able to purchase a plugin for $99 with free lifetime updates that easily accomplished exactly what we need within a matter of minutes.

    My only caveat with WooCommerce is that you have to be a lot more careful about upgrading to the newest version right when it is released. Usually if you have any 3rd party tie in products or a fairly large theme something usually always breaks. I own multiple licenses of the WordPress Avada theme and it has broken time and time again with the new version of WooCommerce. The developers always release a fix but I learned my lesson with WooCommerce. Unless it is a needed security patch, I usually stay one or two versions behind on WooCommerce to make sure all the third party plugins and themes have been updated. You can always ask the developers and check their change logs if you aren’t sure.

    All-in-all WooCommerce is a great eCommerce solution for WordPress and one that I will be using for a long time.

  8. I have recently used WooCommerce the first time to set up a small eCommerce store for a friend and I have to say I was impressed. WooCommerce was incredibly easy to set up and get running. The settings were clear, easy to understand and simply made sense.

    I was also surprised by how potent the free version of WooCommerce already is. If accepting Paypal Standard is enough for your requirements it really has everything needed to start a basic eCommerce site and the many addons allow you to add more features later when it is growing. If you do however need many specific features from the get go (e.g. different payment providers, shipping calculation, etc) the addons can add up quickly and make WooCommerce one of the most expensive WordPress eCommerce plugins.

  9. WooCommerce probably works well for sites with just a few products. If you have more than about 10 products, then each WooCommerce Extension (each one costs AU$100-$200 for 1 year) starts to mount up. Plus, good luck getting any feedback from 3rd party developers.

    What I did’t like was that you needed an “extension” as soon as you got a bit more complexity. When online shopping systems cost $10-$15 per month – you can see where I’m heading.

    In short, WooCommerce is like a $20 printer. It’s gonna cost you hundreds in ink cartridges to get it working. Very underwhelmed.

  10. WooCommerce was the first e-commerce specific plugin that I ever used for WordPress. Since my initial use of it, I’ve played around with a few of the other free online store plugins, however, WooCommerce has bested them all in more ways than one.

    The best thing about the WooCommerce plugin is probably the back-end interface; it’s pleasing to look at and navigation is clearly marked, so it’s easy for a new user to get a feel for it. Adding simple products and pricing is rather easy, and you can even use the plugin for a digital download instead of a physical product.

    After settings things up in the back-end the front-end end result is also rather nice. You can have a nice online store that’s easy to navigate and that makes it easy for someone to come to your site, enter their information and order the item.

    For as much as I like it, it’s not without it’s flaws and frustrations. Adding simple products is easy (i.e. a coffee mug which has no additional sizes or price point), however, when you need to do something like add multiple variations to a single product, it starts to become more time consuming and harder to figure out. Not only that, but I’ve always found there to be a lack of good documentation for the plugin and getting answers to questions or help troubleshooting an issue from the Support Desk takes a long time.

    I like WooCommerce and I think it’s a great product, but it’s not perfect and not the best solution for everyone.

  11. One of the better developed E Com plugins. At this point it is compatible with just about anything,,,, if you get the right addons and do some tinkering about.

  12. the plugin is perfect secure and recommanded for all kind of business

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