All Rewriters Plugin – Use 6 Popular Content Spinners In Your Wordpress Blog

The All Rewriters plugin integrates 6 APIs of the most popular content spinning programs available on the internet into your WordPress blog, allowing you to use any or all of them to easily spin articles directly in your WP editor and then preview, compare and apply the results.

Currently All Rewriters supports the following 6 content spinners. Please note none of them are owned or managed by me. I simply integrated their official API into this WordPress plugin so that you can easily use them to rewrite your posts!

After installation you will find a new meta box on the WordPress “Add New” screens that will allow you to spin the article you are currently working on through any of your enabled rewriting software APIs with a single click, preview the spun article, compare it to the results of other rewriters and finally copy the spun version back to the editor if the result is satisfactory.

Please note that to use All Rewriters you need to have an account with at least one of the supported rewriting applications.


  • One click spinning of the article you are working on.
  • Easily compare the results of several different spinners and choose the one with the highest quality!
  • Chain Spinning: Rewrite an article several times through different spinner APIs to make it more unique.
  • Rewriting for custom post types: The meta box can be used to rewrite WooCommerce products, portfolio items and any other besides standard WordPress pages and posts!
  • WP Robot integration: All Rewriters allows you to use all its features in the premium WP Robot plugin in order to automatically spin all posts created by WP Robot. Please note: If you use WP Robot you do not need to install All Rewriters separately. It is already included!

Download the All Rewriters Plugin


Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Go to the Plugins page and activate All Rewriters
  3. Go to Settings > All Rewriters to activate the spinning software of your choice and enter your user details.

Screenshots with Setup and Usage Instructions.

1. The All Rewriters Settings Page. After activating the plugin you can choose the spinning software APIs you want to use with “All Rewriters” on its settings page (under the WordPress “Settings” navigation item). For each software you choose you need to enter your user details for them to work.
All Rewriters plugin settings page

2. The All Rewriters Metabox gets added to the WordPress “Add New” post and page screens. It shows a button for each spinning software you have activated in the All Rewriters settings. Clicking the button will rewrite the current editor content with the help of the chosen spinning API.
All Rewriters metabox
3. Applying the Results: After pressing a button the returned spin is displayed in the metabox. You can then either rewrite it again with the buttons next to the results or copy the spun article back to the editor by pressing “Copy to Editor”.



As you see using the All Rewriters plugin is very simply: Enter the API details of the spinning software of your choice on the Settings page and after that you can spin any article you are working on in the WordPress post editor with a single click. Another click copies the returned spun article back to your editor.

Feedback and Suggestions

If you encounter any problems when using All Rewriter please let me know and I will try to take care of them as fast as possible. Likewise I would also love to hear any feature suggestions you might have, including other rewriting applications which offer an API and which I could thus add to the plugin.  Simply leave a comment here with your suggestions and questions or write me an email!


21.12.2014 – Version 1.1 of AllRewriters has been released. It adds support for rewriting custom post types like WooCommerce products (and any others). Besides it also improves performance of spinning with Content Professor and fixes a few minor bugs.

About Thomas Höfter

I am a WordPress plugin developer from Germany. Some might know me from my WP Robot plugin or one of my free plugins but most don't know me at all. To change that you can write me a message or find me on Google+.


  1. Thank you for this plugin, I have been searching for something like this for a long time.

  2. Hi – I’m looking for a way to get wordpress to process manually generated spintax on posts

    manually edit something like this {version1 text|version2 text} and then when the page loads it generates the spun version

    there has been a plugin on the wp repository (text spinner) that worked well, but for some reason (either my site or the plugin) it is no longer working – it hasn’t been updated for 3 years

    any ideas ? you’d think there would be a function snippet but its past me

  3. This plugin would be great except you can’t exclude custom post types or post categories. Deal breaker.

  4. Is this plugin still in development ?

  5. Hi Thomas first of all thank you for this plugin. It is awesome. I do wish it had rewrite all existing posts function.

  6. Thanks for the software!!!
    I was looking for some re-writer which i can use for one of my affiliate marketing site for click bank product. i hope this will work well. Will try working this plugin.


  7. Hey Thomas,

    Any idea if the custom post types option will be available in the near future? (spin content of woocommerce products)
    Really looking forward to this feature 🙂

    Many thanks in advance!

    ps. Great site btw (WpScoop), also have been using WpRobot in the past, really should get into it again 🙂


    1. Hi Frederik,

      unfortunately I do not think I will get around to working on my rewriting plugin in the near future. Will try my best though and the rewriting of custom post types feature is definitely coming since it is easy to add.

      1. Hey Thomas,

        Many thanks for the quick reply. Really appreciate it 🙂
        Looking forward this feature when you find the time to add this 🙂

        Kind Regards,

        1. Still hoping for an early Christmas gift with custom post types added to this plugin 😉


          1. And your wish was heard! 😉 I just released a small update that adds support for rewriting custom post types. The download link has been updated in the post above.

          2. Hey Thomas,

            You’re the best! 🙂
            Many thanks and I wish you a very happy 2015! 🙂


  8. I tried to send something, no errors, i using FF, also just tried with IE too same problem.
    You have my email address send me an email and i can reply to you its easier than this.

  9. Contact form not working

    1. Just tested and it is working fine for me (and others). Did you try sending something? Or do you get an error?

  10. Hi ,
    Yes, i used the same email

    Send me an email and i will try to send the same email again to you.

    Thanks Thomas

  11. Any idea if it’s also possible to spin products (WooCommerce) content with this plugin? I installed the plugin +activated my spinner, but the option is only available for posts and pages?
    I don’t know if it’s hard to implement the option to have products spun as well?

    Great job on the plugin btw! Really impressed 🙂


    1. Oops, just read the previous comment that asks basically exactly the same thing… but I couldn’t actually find the button on the woocommerce product pages itself though… am I missing the rewrite button?

      1. Sorry, turns out I actually gave wrong information there and the All Rewriters plugin does not support custom post types yet. I will see if I can get that added in a future update.

  12. Does wprobot work with Woocommerce shop pages? as i’m using another Amazon plugin to get products.
    Does Wprobot spin/Rewrite products descriptions ? …thinking about duplicate content.

    Also Allrewiters does it work with woocommerce shop pages?
    I have tried to contact you on several of your websites to find out more information about your products.

    thanks for your help

    1. Yes, WP Robot works with and can post woocomerce products. Note that WP Robot is no rewriter – it includes support for the same rewriters AllRewriters does (so you need a separate account).

      I cant see any contact form requests from you from the email you used here. Did you use a different email?

  13. This plugin looks very useful, is it possible to automatically spin Amazon product descriptions on import ?, and also have the ability to go in when needed to do manual spinning? i am hoping to use WordAi and ChimpRewriter for this??? any ideas please thanks

  14. Yes spin more then just one post.

    Whend I use wordai, the turing api have a limit of 2500 words, the problem is AllRewriters count the html code as a word. This limit my spin from wordai. for example my post have 500 real words but AllRewriters count 2600 words, including in the count of the html. And then i receive the wordai word limit error. it will be great if this can be fixet. the AllRewriters is great!.

  15. It will be a good Idea. Multiple spin. no only one post.

  16. Hi Thomas,

    I install and use your plugin using spinner chief free version but not working after I click button. How to fixed it? I use spinnerchief because only they support my language “bahasa Indonesia”.


    1. Hi, what error do you get when you try to rewrite the post or what happens?

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