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OptinMonster User Reviews

Currently there are 2 reviews of OptinMonster left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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2 Reviews

  1. Scums , they took money with out asking even if i had deleted the preapproved agreement with them in paypal.
    Dont believe the trials they have, this is how they work,
    they charge you by force after the trial period, even if you dont want their service.
    Stay away

  2. Optin monster SUCKSS!! I’m so mad that I went with them, cause now it will be a huge hassle to switch…


    When I ask them questions, they send me an automated email linking to their documentation website and they tell me they will answer my question shortly, but never replied back…

    I am stuck with my website right now with no way to get peoples emails cause they aren’t helping me with an issue that I have…


  3. Their support is awful.
    When I told them I was unhappy with the service they just offered me a refund rather than a solution to my problem!

  4. Seems like a good product when you read their website. But has VERY limited function & you will definitely need some coding/programing if you want something that goes beyond a very basic name & email pop up.

    after purchasing a yearly subscription and painfully (takes 24hrs to have a question answered) dealing with their support department to try and implement their forms on my website, I was told that I would need Custom CSS and a programmer to get everything set up properly. After looking into that extra cost it was not feasible, or necessary, to use their forms.

    Their money back guarantee is also B.S.. I was just flat out denied a refund. after all the effort I put into trying to make their forms work on my website. Sadly, that was the only time they answered my email in a timely manner!

  5. Support lags, their pop up takes over the entire screen of a phone and the user can’t even X out of it… so it renders the site useless on mobile.

    Doesn’t have the ability to only display to desktop users.

    Pass on Opt in Monster

  6. OptinMonster used to be a great service. Since they’ve switched to a SaaS model, the company has gone downhill. They make drastic changes without any notice. There have been a few cases where all optin functionality on my site has been broken due to problems with OptinMonster.

    This space has gotten very competitive over the years, and OptinMonster hasn’t kept pace. My recommendation is to try other alternatives instead.

  7. I had been using the plugin version of Optinmonster for close to a year without any mayor problems (see my first review of Optinmoster). 2 weeks ago I decided to switch over to the new SaaS version of Optinmonster and this is where the problems started. While the migration of my optins worked relatively smoothly all statistics stopped working afterwards and remained at zero, even though I had followed all new setup steps.

    This would be no biggie I thought until it turned out that their support team is horrible and failed to solve this problem entirely.

    After opening a support ticket it went like this…
    1st response: Template email, did you complete all setup steps? Yes I did.
    2nd response: Please give login to your account. Ok.
    3rd response: Support rep thought I had not completed all setup steps because he looked at the wrong optin (even though I noted the right optin in the ticket)

    Templates and relatively slow one sentence responses was all I got back. It has been over 10 days now since opening the ticket and no one could provide any actual help or even an attempt at a solution.

    And note that I bought the $199 “Pro” plan, for which they list “Priority Support” as a feature. Turns out that is just empty marketing talk and essentially a joke.

    After this experience I can not recommend Optinmonster anymore and suggest you check out one of the many alternatives, which are all considerably cheaper and might hopefully provide better support.

  8. OptinMonster really is a monster of an optin form plugin! I’ve been using it since its release and have enjoyed having access to it.

    The user interface on the backend is very intuitive and integrates almost perfectly with the rest of the WordPress admin area. Setting up new optin popup windows is very easy and the built in designs are some of the highest quality around.

    OptinMonster was one of the first, or at least the first to really popularise the exit intent popup trigger, which only displays the popup window when the user is about to leave your website, thereby not annoying them while they are midway through enjoying your content. This feature is now included in most other plugins of this type so it’s no longer the USP of OptinMonster.

    Other notable features of OptinMonster include a/b testing, lots of great looking form designs, a range of form types – such as slide in, in content, and sidebar, and integration with all the best email marketing services.

    The only really downside of OptinMonster is its high price tag, especially when you start adding the various extensions to the plugin. The cost can quickly mount up and there are certainly some more affordable options on the market that look like they can rival this plugin in terms of features and functionality.

    However, if you want the best of the best and don’t mind paying for it, OptinMonster is probably the plugin for you in this category of extensions for your WordPress website.

  9. OptinMonster is the most popular optin popup plugin for WordPress on the market and with good reason: I am using it on several of my sites and have always been satisfied. It is easy to set up, offers many features and ways to customize the popup design. There have also been many updates already since I purchased around a year ago, adding new features like mobile popups.

    Two potential drawbacks I see:
    – It is certainly also one of the most expensive popup solutions on the market. If your budget is limited it might be worth looking into one of the cheaper (or even free) alternatives.
    – All pre-designed forms are for email optins only. If you want a form showing a button you need to use the Canvas addon, which requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. No issue for me but it might be for some people.

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Maximum (10 Sites) 199.00 USD 153.17 USD


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