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Cheap Logo Design With Fiverr Test, Part 2

Part 2 of my Fiverr test for logo design: I hired several Fiverr designers in my quest to find a new logo for WPscoop and in this post I show you and discuss their final design results. Read on to find out if Fiverr is a good source to get a cheap logo design for a new website or business!

How to Get a Cheap Logo for a New Wordpress Blog - Fiverr Test, Part 1

A logo is an important part of a new website but unfortunately the money to have a good one designed is usually missing when starting a new Wordpress blog. In this article I am giving Fiverr, one of the least expensive options to get a cheap logo for a new WP blog, a test. Continue reading to find my results and tips on how to use Fiverr for cheap logo design work.

How to Add Breadcrumbs to the Pagelines Theme

Breadcrumbs are small links that are usually placed above the post title which are good for two things: To help the user navigate your site and to improve SEO by allowing search engines to understand your site structure better. Learn how to add breadcrumbs to the Pagelines theme without touching any code!