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Pippity User Reviews

Currently there are 2 reviews of Pippity left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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2 Reviews

  1. Please stay away from Pippity.

    The functionality is very fragile. You configure it once, and if you want to change the configuration of other stuff, the first thing you configured de-configures and you have to do it all in one shot.

    Their popup are DISABLED in mobile. Their response was that popups like this do not work on mobile or have poor experience. While I agree that they have lower conversion rate, this does not mean that you need to disregard completely. I asked how to enable, and they replied, but after doing code changes, I was surprised that their popups are not even optimized for mobile. I had to do further code changes to make them responsive and looking good on mobile.

    There is no way to export all data included on the popup, and on some integrations like Mailchimp they force you to use the double-opt in, where other tools have this as optional.

    Also, their support SUCKS. I asked several questions and at the beginning they answered quickly (5 days), but they did not answer my questions on the response and asked again. I’ve been waiting for more than 2 months, and sent them 3 emails already.

    This is really a very bad software and service. Please stay away from this and go with another one.

  2. I have used Pippity for my opt-in plugin on my website for a number of years. One of my favorite things about Pippity are the variety of options available when to show the popup. I show my popups based on categories. This lets me be selective in who sees the popup and I can base the content of the popup knowing what the visitor’s interest may be. I do this by using what Pippity calls Power Filters. Other examples of these filters are by page type, by specific post, by custom type and by user role. You can have multiple filters and they can be exclusive or inclusive.

    I also like the variety of templates that come with Pippity as well as the ability to easily customize the template. This lets me easily match my website colors/design. It also lets me easily edit the content of the popup.

    Another favorite aspect of Pippity is the ability to set the Popup Behavior. (This is in addition to the Power Filters mentioned above.) The behavior settings lets me specify the wait time before the popup appears, how many pageviews before the popup appears, how many days before showing the popup again and if I want the popup appear at the end of a post (when the visitor has scrolled all the way to the end.)

    I can also easily integrate my Aweber account with a popup. In fact, Pippity integrates with a variety of 3rd party email list management options.

    The only issue I have with Pippity is with either the latest release of the plugin or more likely, in combination with the latest release of another plugin that I am using or maybe custom CSS, some of the editing screens are not aligned properly. I can still edit the popups, it just isn’t as convenient. (I have to scroll down to see the latest changes.) I haven’t taken the time to troubleshoot this issue as it isn’t a big deal, but eventually I will look into this.

    I find the Pippity plugin is easy to use, let’s me customize the opt-in form (popup) to my heart’s content and is able to handle all my opt-in needs.

  3. I did a lot of research before I bought Pippity because I think we all hate pop-ups but equally know we need them to build email lists.

    I spent a long time looking at reviews of other plugins (free and paid) but at best got mixed reviews. I didn’t want to slow down my site or, more importantly, annoy my readers. I keep a professional blog and after asking around my blogging colleagues, Pippity was recommended time and again.

    The installation wasn’t so clear for Mac users but Pippity got back to me within a couple of days and we fixed the install. After that, setting it up was quick and easy. There’s a good range of designs to choose from and there’s plenty of space to make your marketing pitch. You can also add pictures and it was very easy to integrate with Mailchimp.

    Probably best of all is the number of options for when the pop-up shows. I’ve got mine to show only when a reader scrolls to the bottom of my post (i.e. have shown enough interest) and if they click-off, the pop-up won’t reappear for them for 30 days. So far, that seems to be giving me a good sign-up rate – my email list has doubled since I started using it just a few months ago.

    However, one snag I need to investigate – my developer says that this plugin is slowing my site load time by about a third. I’m reluctant to uninstall because I like the plugin but that’s a big speed impact. That said, there’s a good reason some of the biggest websites out there use Pippity.

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Maximum (10 Sites) 164.00 USD 153.17 USD


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