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VaultPress User Reviews

Currently there are 5 reviews of VaultPress left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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5 Reviews

  1. Excellent customer service when I was having a problem in restoring my website. Anne on the other end of the email was patient, despite my inexperience with these matters, and helped get the issue resolved and website restored.

  2. Vaultpress is wonderful….until you need tech support.

    We ran into a need to restore our site and sent and ’emergency’ request to VP. Eight hours later they send a very generic ‘try this’ reply that was so basic I had tried that in the first 3 minutes of our situation.

    Sent a second question to VP and go a reply at 2:55am, around 10 hours later. Again, a reply that in no way helped solve the issues.

    Replied again with the problem at 6:00am and did not hear back from VP until 7pm.

    All the while, our site is down with very poor support from VP. Have to hang with them until we get the site back up and running, but cancelling our VP subscription right away. If we ever hear from the again!

  3. A secure and reliable backup solution is a must for any site. There are a number of free and premium backup plugins available, and VaultPress is one of the leading plugins in this category. The plugin was actually developed by Automatic, the creators of WordPress. Backups are actually stored on the same servers as the blogs, which is an added level of assurance for users on the security of their backed-up content. Many other plugins simply backup to your site directory, which would not be much use in the event of a failure of your host server, for example.

    VaultPress is very easy to install, to configure and to use. The plugin includes the ability to schedule regular backups at the interval of your choice, which is a highly desirable feature, especially for those sites which involve content or database changes on a very regular basis, or indeed sites currently under active development. The ability to schedule a backup is a key feature, removing the need for any human intervention in the backup process. The backup performed by VaultPress includes all content, both files and database, which is in contrast to many other plugins available which only include the files in backups.

    VaultPress also has a very easy restore process, and the possibility for daily security scans with one-click repairs. As you would expect from the creators of WordPress, this is an incredibly robust plugin and great support is available.

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend VaultPress as a secure, stable, robust and reliable backup solution for any WordPress site. It has an impressive range of features and is in my opinion certainly one of the market leaders in the backup plugin category.

  4. For years I relied on the automatic backup provided by my host until a developer friend prompted me to check what they provided. When I did I realised it could take days or longer to get me back online if something went wrong. I’m a bit frugal with plugins so I was initially reluctant to get a paid plugin but I really liked the simplicity of Vaultpress – it clearly shows what’s been backed up and you can reinstall literally at the push of a button without any expert help (I’m no wordpress genius).

    I don’t know whether fate was watching but within two months my site screwed up (a designer tinkering around in the wrong places) which meant I’d lost a couple of days’ of work. I’d been working on something I wanted clients to see so I needed the work reinstalled asap.

    After deliberating for a while, I hit reinstall. It’s kind of nerve wracking but everything I’d been working on came back. I’d like to say it all went smoothly but it didn’t. Although my work came back my website somehow reset to the original theme, which looked ugly. I emailed Vaultpress and in fairness they got back to me really quickly and told me it was a one-off problem with just my account. I kind of believed them (I still use Vaultpress a year later) and they said they could go back and fix it, but it would take longer than I had. So, I just paid my developer to re-do the theme changes (not so many changes – wallpaper, install logo etc). On balance, I’d recommend Vaultpress – they did restore two days’ of work. Just make sure they’re backing up all parts of your site!

  5. First thing’s first! The reason I have been choosing VaultPress is that it comes directly from the WordPress co-founder. Anyone diddling around WP knows what Automatic is and the kind of reputation they carry. So when you can trust your backup plugin with your eyes closed, it’s a lot of weight off your back ! Because worrying about ‘what ifs’ can distract you from your job at hand. So the best thing is to go for a genuine backup plugin and I don’t see a better one than VaultPress. At least not right now.
    VaultPress has this really cool feature where you can decide to keep backing up the site in real time if you want. That might be cumbersome for the load time but it’s worth it if you have a very dynamic website. However, for most people, with not much of financial activity going on around the website, a daily backup sounds good enough. It does provide a great security check service, however I haven’t really been able to look into that so far since I already use another top security plugin (and I don’t want what I paid for that to go to waste)
    VaultPress does cost you $5 a month and IMO people who run good websites wouldn’t worry about that. However, if you have a bunch of sites then probably those fivers might add up to set you back a little more. From what the buzz has been so far, I think it’s worth it.

  6. VaultPress is one of those WordPress plugins that I fell in love with from the very beginning. Even if your web host has automated backups I still recommend it as a good 3rd party backup. The lite version which will work for most people keeps daily backups, up to 30 days, and has an automated restore function built in for only $5 a month.

    The other day I was updating my plugins and accidentally updated my WordPress theme. I have a theme in which I have made quite a few customizations, more than just CSS. Before panicking I hopped over to the VaultPress website, logged in, and was able to grab my most recent copies of my functions.php file and header.php file. I merged the changes and within a few minutes I was back to normal with all of my customizations. So VaultPress really gives me peace of mind for $5 a month knowing that if anything ever breaks I will always have a backup.

    VaultPress is super easy to install and has a free WordPress plugin in which you can see the 10 most recent activities it has recorded and some other basic information. You can setup a number of different ways for it to connect to your server. SSH, SFTP, FTP, MySQL Direct, HTTP Auth, and your Site URL along with the plugin being installed. No matter what your security setup is on your web host you should be able to find at least one method of access that will work. I normally use SFTP and Site URL along with the plugin as it is quick and easy and I have never had any issues.

    A lot of people wonder what I use VaultPress since my managed WP host already has 3rd party backups with an easy restore option. For me it is because my websites are probably one of the most important things that I own. And so I like to have copies stored separate from my web host in a different location just in case of a worst case scenario happening. Also most web hosts only have a restore option or restore to staging area option. I like with VaultPress that I can browse the file directory if I want to compare changes within a single file.

    I definitely recommend giving VaultPress a try if you are looking for a good automated and easy backup solution for your WordPress website.

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