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BackWPup User Reviews

Currently there are 2 reviews of BackWPup left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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2 Reviews

  1. I am really disappointed about this plugin.

    This app can not be used for a simple user. It is just for highest programmers!
    WP is definitely for amateur web site builders, but unfortunately, it is full with plugins what can not be understood by humans.
    Special language, just showing we are the top, and you little user, you are nobody.
    When I asked for help, I just got understandable slang and codes what I can not place anywhere.
    Is this a customer service, no it is not. Be happy that you do understand what you told me, I am not!

    They have just mentioned Cron settings, but I have never used Cron, and would not be able to use that because that is same so high level for me.
    This Cron has not also user-friendly settings, so I can not see any options for using your backup.
    I think WP is for not only professional programmers, so your app is not for us.
    You lost a possible user now, because of your big head. Why are you not on everybody’s side, why are you so highest?
    I will inform my friends that this app is too difficult and without a costumer-friendly help desk.
    Shame on you.

    I am really not happy. Thanks for nothing that you call as help. I hope you will be broken down very soon because you have no place in between us.

  2. “BackWPup is your Must Have WordPress plugin”

    I agree with above sentence by MarketPress. I use BackWPup for several years without errors.

    Backups are one of the best defense against any sort of security threat toward your site.

    Setting up BackupWPup is very simple. First thing you need to do is install and activate BackWPup plugin. Upon activation, the plugin will display a welcome page. It will also add a BackWPup menu item in your WordPress admin sidebar. Click on Add New Job to create an automated backup job for your WordPress website.

    With the help of BackWPup we can schedule our backup. Usually I use weekly backup.

  3. BackWPup is one of the first plugins I install on a new WordPress website as it’s a free and easy way to keep your website backed up.

    The settings give you a lot of options over which elements of your website are backed up, such as the files, database, and more, but to be honest I just instruct the plugin to back everything up and then have it sent off site to Dropbox.

    Dropbox isn’t the only option for where your backups are transferred to, but as it’s a free cloud storage option that is easily accessible, not to mention it gives you plenty of storage space, it’s a good option.

    There are lots of other storage options for keeping your valuable backups safe. These include another server via FTP, SugarSync (which I use for my photos), Microsoft Azure, and a few more. Premium users who upgrade to the pro version can also use Amazon Glacier and Google Drive.

    Every day (or however you’ve set the schedule) you get an email confirmation to inform you that the backup has run successfully (or not). However, my only slight gripe with this plugin is that when something did go wrong, the error message log that was sent to me via email wasn’t very helpful and didn’t actually make it clear what the problem was. In the end it was something to do with my storage account, rather than the plugin itself, but this wasn’t entirely clear from the log files.

    While the premium services like VaultPress might have a slicker interface, this free option does the job and is a lot better than leaving the safety and security of your website in the hands of fate.

  4. I have used BackWPup for several years on all my clients’ sites. It is one of the first plugins I install on a new site.

    BackWPup provides good, easy to follow instructions as well as provides an intuitive dashboard. I found it very straightforward to use when setting up backup options.

    I use BackWPup do to regularly scheduled backups, as well as on-demand backups. I like that I can set up one ‘job’ that will do both. One of the initial reasons I went to BackWPup is that it backs up the database and the site files. Plus, there is a myriad of storage options for the backup files. I can send the backup file via FTP, send to dropbox, or send to other common cloud storage options.

    I like being able to set up multiple jobs for a site. If I’m doing a WordPress update, I can quickly run the job to backup the database. Or, if I’m doing major changes to the site, I can quickly run the job to backup the database and files.

    I also like the ability to be more specific as to what folders and database tables to backup. Although, I usually leave these at the default settings, there have been a few times where I have changed these settings to eliminate specific folders from backing up. I can also exclude specific file extensions as well as include what I call site critical files (wp-config.php, robots.txt, .htaccess, etc.)

    Plus, the backups actually work when needing to restore. Although I haven’t had an emergency yet, I have tested the restore and it not only works, it isn’t complicated. It requires uploading and extracting the backup files and using phpMyAdmin (or similar tool) to restore the database.

    BackWPup is my go to plugin for doing backups.

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