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Slider Revolution User Reviews

Currently there are 6 reviews of Slider Revolution left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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6 Reviews

  1. Slider Revolution

    I have used this slider many times but the new version does not work and there is no support.

    Too many bugs.

    Save your money but what’s more important your time.

    I read every post on the Internet over the last 3 days and hundreds of developers are having the same problems.

    It will not display all the slides unless they are in the wrong order and even that is intermittent.

    The loop function does not work at all.

    I tried to join the their forum but it says my credentials are wrong. I’ve asked for help with this also but no help was provided.

    There is just no customer support at all.

    1. I agree with Robert. This plugin is extremely unstable and annoying. I am feeling extremely insecure using this slider revolution plugin now. Sometimes it fails to load on Firefox and sometimes on Chrome. I seriously have no clue what causes this and it seems fine at first but why it happened all of a sudden.

      Apparently many others are facing this similar issue. Try google for “Slider Revolution not working” and you will find tons of users are having hard time getting this plugin to load

  2. Slider Revolution has proven to be one of the most flexible sliders I have ever used. Highly recommended!

  3. I was introduced to the Slider Revolution plugin a little over a year ago and have been a fan of it ever since. For me, it’s $18 well spent. There are several things I really like about the slider, but the first reason I switched to the Slider Revolution was its ability for layering. I can introduce different aspects of a product, service or event bit by bit (layer by layer) within a slide and include a button layer for the visitor to click for more information. I can even animate these layers into the slide.
    It took me a little while to figure out how to set the timing of the animation. In the later releases of the plugin this has become more intuitive. I also like the ability to format each layer and set up and use CSS styles.

    I also like the ability to custom the background of a slide. It can be an image, transparent or a solid color. I like the visual aspect of the editor and being able to quickly move items around on the slide.

    Slider Revolution provides a myriad of options to customize not only the individual slides, but also the entire Slider. There are many options and features that I have yet to use. I like the ability to set a start and end date on a slide. This lets my client features slides pertaining to sales/events that are date sensitive.

    I also love the fact that the Slider Revolution is responsive. I never had any issue with the recent security issue that was associated with Slider Revolution. Slider Revolution also has good documentation.

  4. If you must have a slider then SliderRevolution is a great choice. Slider Revolution is a feature filled and responsive slider so it works at any dimensions – web, tablet and mobile browsers. It did have a slight learning curve to understand how to use all the features but once you create your first slide it’s easy picking moving forward.
    This slider really is an amazing deal for $18 so many features from full responsiveness, loop animations, parallax layers, multi-language supported, visual editor no coding necessary just simple drag and drop with timelines for animations. Also it’s very easy to export and import a slide with theme . You will be very satisfied if you go with this slider.

  5. Slider Revolution is my favorite slider plugin for WordPress. I prefer it over WP LayerSlider. It is fairly easy to use and learn. With any slider plugin there is definitely a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you will appreciate the multitude of options and the real power it has under the hood.

    A big plus for this plugin is that it is responsive out of the box and has decent load times. I usually disable the fancy animations and drop shadows and most sites I have this on I can still get the home page to load in under a second. That also is because I make sure to compress my slider images.

    This plugin has gotten some bad wrap recently in the WordPress community due to security issues. However if you patch your plugins on a regular basis you should be fine. Most people that ran into problems were people that don’t have a regular patching window. The developers of this plugin are actually very good and fast about pushing fixes out. I have this plugin running on 15+ sites and I never had any issues, so don’t always believe what you read. There is a reason the developers still have a 5 star rating on CodeCanyon.

    A big thing for me too being an SEO guy is the ability to add alt tags to my slider images. Not every slider plugin has this option, fortunately Slider Revolution does. And this makes my audit scanning tools happy 🙂

    I also like the ability this has to add not just new sliders, but slider templates. There are a lot of options in this plugin and so the templates can come in very handy. You can also import and export sliders. I find myself bouncing around a lot between different sites and I use this feature a lot.

    Slider Revolution is a great little plugin and definitely worth the $18 price tag.

  6. I have used this plugin many times when designing a WordPress sites (both for myself and my clients). I really like the idea behind the plugin, and the interface for building slides is easy to pick up and learn.

    However, the plugin itself is (in my experience) very buggy and takes A LOT of time to get each slide just right.

    You build each slide in the back-end, which is nice and the options there are pretty straight forward, but most times, the preview option will almost never produce what the slide will actually look like in real-time. As that is the case, you have to use the shortcode and place it in somewhere in your site to test the actual results of the. Tweaking the timing of animation and getting all the layers right can easily take hours, so even though it the plugin is powerful and gives you a ton of control, it will still take up your time in designing. Also, I’ve found that unless you’re using a CDN, the plugin can slow your page load speed when using large photos.

    The hardest part for the average user is integrating the slider into the theme itself so that you get that full-width effect that you’ll often see in theme previews. This requires tweaking PHP and the documentation in the regard is hard to understand because there’s not single answer as to where to place the code they give. Best case scenario, if you buy a theme that uses the plugin, the theme author will show you how to do it in their documentation, otherwise, you’re pretty much on your own for figuring that out.

    My opinion on the plugin is that it does give you a lot of control and it is pretty powerful, but it’s pretty buggy and time-consuming to work with—you really need patience and a keen eye to design something stunning. I’ll continue to use the plugin for simple slider effects, but I’ll probably do my best to avoid using whenever possible.

  7. Great plugin, almost security problem (solved). An incredibly versatile and flexible slider, which lots features, and transition effects.

    Will this work with my blog?, No problem. Its an mature plugin, very stable, and it supports shortcodes, it takes an a fully drag&drop backend to customize this slider easily.

    It contains image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.


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