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All in One SEO Pack User Reviews

Currently there are 2 reviews of All in One SEO Pack left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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2 Reviews

  1. I have used All In One SEO for years, until I discovered Yoast. I now have websites with one and websites with the other. The results in Google ranking and how fast the penetration occurs is obviously in favor of Yoast. A developper recently had a look at the title and meta descriptions of the 300+ pages and posts on my biggest and oldest website, to discover that some descriptions are cut in half, some are replaced by jumbles of non sense words, and some are missing!
    Furthermore, AIO is super complicated to set-up, and considering how poor the results are, what’s the point?
    Starting tomorrow I switch all my websites to Yoast.

  2. I took time over six months to conduct an “A-B” comparison of All-in-One-SEO’s premium version with Yoast’s WordPress SEO. The results were revealing:

    With All-in-One-SEO, SEO rankings fell dramatically according to and other measurement tools. The drop was cause for alarm.

    When I switched to Yoast WordPress SEO free version, SEO regained its footing and started climbing again, accurately showing SEO and audience growth of my sites.

    No question in my view — WordPress SEO is far superior.

    What’s more the All-in-One-SEO people are not helpful to work with.

  3. We are using All in one SEO plugin for years already. And we are very satisfied, but when you are into advanced SEO or have a very big WP site with complicated hierarchy to optimize, then you see some features are missing there. In that case we go with Yoast instead or code some modification by ourselves. For smaller or average WP sites we are still sticking to All in one SEO.

  4. The All In One SEO Pack plugin comes in two versions: the free and the paid one. While you basically can do okay with the free version, the paid one offers additional features like the XML sitemap generator module, performance module, and advanced custom post type options (see the complete list here).

    What I like about this plugin is its simplicity. Even a total newbie in SEO can easily figure out how this plugin works. In its settings, you can change the default options for the use of canonical URLs, keywords, display options, and many more. You don’t have to know everything. Clicking the question mark symbol beside the each item will provide you with information on what it’s all about.

    When you go to the Feature Manager, you have the option to activate several other options including the XML sitemap generator, social meta, and file editor. This is a good feature especially if you want to go in-depth in optimizing your site.
    Another thing I like is that this plugin allows me to provide several keywords. I find this helpful for certain posts I’d like to rank in more than one keyword. What I don’t like about this plugin is that it doesn’t provide keyword analysis unlike the other SEO plugin I’ve tried.

  5. All in One SEO Pack is a plugin that works well for basic SEO. However, it remains to be seen if it will stand up to the continuous algorithm changes being made by Google. In this case, I would recommend that you just use it to set the basic settings on your posts and then go from there.

    All in One SEO Pack will allow you to enter your own custom keywords and meta descriptions. This is a feature that I particularly like because otherwise it seems that just random snippets are taken from each blog post to appear in the search engines by the robots.

    I think that it is an important plugin to have if you are not really focused on SEO as you write your blog content. Some people don’t want to have to worry about doing too much to make sure their sites are properly optimized while doing what is needed to get good rankings in the search engines. This plugin will make sure that you do at least the bare minimums to get your website ranked.

    All in One SEO Pack is really easy to set up. All you need to do is to gather your preferred keywords for the entire site, as well as, your individual posts. Then just set the meta descriptions and you’re all set to go. If there are any settings that you aren’t quite sure of, a quick search on the plugin support site, or your SEO team should help you to figure it out.

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Price All in One SEO Pack Avg. SEO Plugin Prices
Minimum (1 Site) 0.00 USD 72.17 USD
Maximum (1 Site) 39.00 USD 159.83 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 0.00 USD 282.67 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 0.00 USD 433.83 USD


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