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InfiniteWP User Reviews

Currently there are 19 reviews of InfiniteWP left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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19 Reviews

  1. Using it for about 2 years now, I can only confirm some of the statements listed here:
    – it’s a TIME SAVER for doing simple tasks like updating plugins, themes and WP core
    – it is TROUBLE when there are issues: rarely they are really solved
    – support is indeed HORRIBLE: offshore help desk with friendly people who keep asking you the same questions over again, keep asking for credentials to login again and again, and respond max 1 time in 24 hours…

    I now have an issue going on for over a month with backups and cloning and it hasn’t got one millimeter closer to a solution. There are definitely no engineers, coders or technicians behind their help desk. It is not much more than a call center.

    My advice: if you have issues, try to find a workaround. You are definitely losing your time with this so-called help desk. Use it as it is or look for an alternative.

  2. I’ve been using IWP for years and never had an issue.

    I have a simple installation taking care of 50 or so sites and I *don’t* use it for backups though, which I would think would be a no brainer.

    It tells me what plugins on what sites need to be updated and it allows me to update them. Simple.

  3. Sadly I must agree with Derrik. I bought the lifetime offer way back when they first offered it.

    Anyone who gives IWP a good review is spamming the review ratings. I’ve been a user for years now. I have finally come to the conclusion that it does nothing reliably and it has stolen hundreds of hours of my time fiddling with it. I have also installed and worked with it for clients. No matter what it is a pain in the neck. Their support is nice and reply when they can but nothing much is ever resolved.

    Even when backups happen to get to S3, the databases can be broken or segmented without my consent. Always getting error messages, failed backups and disconnected accounts.

    I’m getting out. I want my life back.

  4. Just like Oleg, they nailed us for $69 and even though I’ve gone back and forth with them to get them to make good on the delivery of the Wordfence addon we purchased, they’ve decided that by ignoring us they can just keep our money and we’ll just go away. Not so.

    Here’s how they stole the $69 from us:
    I installed the Admin Panels for 2 separate networks of websites, and then proceeded to buy the addons for those panels that would allow us to do remote backups for 1 Panel, and handle oversight of Wordfence security on both Panels. Paid $69 for the Wordfence addon for the first network and installed it, and then paid $118 for the Backup addon and the Wordfence addon for the 2nd network only to find out that if you install ANYTHING on a separate Panel using your InfiniteWP username, it proceeds to delete your addons in the first Panel!!! Now we’re trying to get InfiniteWP to remedy this situation and they simply ignore us since they are based in India and and we’re in the US (if they tried to do this here they could be prosecuted for fraud). What’s more, is now I read that the 2 other addons we have on our 2nd network are only good for 1 year? Nowhere during the purchase was there any indication that they expire after 1 year, because if we’d known that we would have never bothered with them at all and saved ourselves a lot of aggravation and lost money.

    1. Hi Dale,

      I am sorry for the trouble caused. We are very strong with our 14 day refund policy. We want to make sure there is a proper exchange in value.

      Can you mail me at David at InfiniteWP dot com. I will have this issue sorted.


  5. The platform can’t preform remote backups. It has many issues and I wouldn’t call it a finished product.
    They have good marketing but poor service, I’ve asked for a refund and got nothing – I’m left with a feeling of fraud.

    Use the free service as you like, but do not pay them a dime.

    1. Hi Oleg,

      I just saw your support ticket and the last email from us was asking you some credentials for us to look into this issue and we never heard back from you. And we take our refund policy seriously and we were willing to work with you though your window passed.

      Please reply back to that email and we would be glad to get this sorted for you.


  6. I have used InfiniteWP since it came out. Currently managing over 40 WP sites with it. While most are on our dedicated server, a small number are on other shared servers in data centres in three different countries. About 3/4 are client sites.

    IWP has grown up a lot in that time. There have been many regular updates and additions. I do not understand the comment about lack of updates. Every week there are several updates. Perhaps that user does not have all the add-ons.

    In recent times I was delighted with the multi manager access provision. I can now let some of my out workers manager certain sites without giving them access to everything.

    When difficulties have arisen and I have sought help, I have been pleased with the service I received. Several times they asked for temporary access and actually fixed it for me. Another time they explained what I needed to request of a host so all the features work.

    Backups work fine to Dropbox, also restore from Dropbox. I have not tried S3, but will now give that a go just to see for myself.

  7. IWP does what I want it to do…all the time. I’ve had little issues with it, and when I did I reported the issue and their support staff jumped on it immediately. It is well worth the money and I recommend it all the time to other developers.

  8. One important thing you have neglected to mention here (as far as I can see) – and that is, whilst infinite WP seems a bit more widely used – they hardly ever release any updates!

    Sure, there are some security related updates released by IWP for the core code (when someone discloses a security issue that is), but the plugins rarely seem to be updated.

    I have been with IWP for about 12 months and whilst the overall experience is good – I am very disappointed with the lack of feature updates or improvements for their addons (which are not cheap!)

    When I was originally considering the choice between MainWP and IWP, I signed up for both MainWP and IWP to try them both out. I eventually decided on IWP as I had some teething issues with MainWP.

    However, I still receive the Main WP update emails – probably one a week, notifying users of a new feature of some kind or of some bug fix update. This seems very impressive – as is the fact that all their addons now appear to be offered with lifetime licenses (as opposed to IWP that are not currently lifetime licenses and must be re-newed each year) – in other words, MainWP will (currently) cost you $399 once and then you’re set for all current and future releases – seems a good deal.

    IWP certainly is a very useful and relatively straight-forward application. But the biggest downfall is that there is a sever lack of communication from them on their Facebook page, or blog. Very few add-on updates seem to ever happen, and there does not appear to be a lifetime license on offer.

    I am seriously considering switching to Main WP just to give it a go!

    Adam M

    1. Be careful of lifetime offers.

      InfiniteWP had it when they started it. MainWP also had it in the beginning, but they abandoned it after a while before returning with the bundle offer.

      There’s a reason stable companies avoid lifetime promises like plague – if you don’t keep growing you’ll be crushed under the weight of the user base that was promised a lifetime of support. On the other hand, it’s ideal for companies ready to cut and run, like Turbine did with LOTRO.

      1. Re Nemanja’s comment about lifetime offers.

        IWP had a lifetime offer for a very brief period when they were looking to move out of Beta and go live.

        People who had tried the software, or were willing to risk the cash (about $200US i think) were given a lifetime license for all the updates. I saw it as a way for a startup to thank it’s beta testers and to raise cash when they went live.

        I took the offer and am glad I did – Infinite WP has saved me huge amounts of time and trouble.

        That said – it’s not perfect.

        The interface was horribly clunky at the beginning but has improved since. Some of the addons seem pointless to me (e.g.code snippets) and others I’ve never bothered to use (e.g. cloning a site – I use Duplicator) but having automated backups straight into my dropbox is a godsend, and the one click plugin upgrades is fantastic.

        Service has been pretty good for me . I had a malware outbreak that damaged some IWP files and they fixed that quickly.

        The big negative for me is the lack of feedback / user community. There was a forum and a place to suggest features and vote for them etc. Both have been closed down, and there is no replacement that I know of.

  9. I stared using infinite wp about the time it came out. I purchased the backup and some other addons. Spent around $200 for addons.
    However the app has never been reliable.
    Backup to s3 never works. Says my backups are complete but never appear in my buckets.
    Support for this plugin is horrible. When you tell them there’s a problem w their plugin they become defensive. Every ticket I have submitted has been replied to by “everything is working” or “this plugin is working for hundreds of customers”. I have sent them undeniable proof that their plugin does not work. Also they have not even updated the backup plugin to need s3’s new IAM policies.
    BOTTOM LINE:do not waste your time with this app. I am over qualifield to make this review. I have wasted dozens of hours on this app and it’s awful support. 8th my opinion that these guys are ripping people off. They will not refund my money although their add on does not work.
    I’m making it my personal mission to inform and help other wp users.

    1. I totally agree, had the same issues milion times. Lastly I was trying to restore a website from a local backup (no S3 or anything complicated, should be very basic) and got an error “can’t find the root of the website”, the answer again was unconclusive: we are all right it works for me and so on… After that I decided that is over. I whish I had read Derrick review before speding over $250 for paid addons.
      It’s not matter of being unlukie or matter of how good you are setting it up. Don’t use it. Bottom line.

  10. InfiniteWP Is nothing sort of a lifesaver. You are able to save so much time you are able to do more thing with your life, thus saving is the better things like family. TO me that is a live saver.They make it so easy to start up. The addons might seem expensive but when you factor in the monthly costs of other systems it quickly becomes a no brainer.
    Their platform is strong and robust. I trust it completely. We all know nothing is perfect but this is pretty close. I have had some issues and their response time is great usually less than 11 hours and sometimes much quicker. I highly recommend this product.

    1. You must be doing very basic tasks. This plugin cannot backup to other locations on a consistent basis. Very poorly coded.
      Anyone endorsing this plugin must be an affiliate. Its complete junk. There are a bunch of better, and cheaper alternatives out there.
      Infinite WPs plugins are way overpriced and complete junk.
      I see someone gave me a one star rating on my review above. Just goes to show no one likes the truth.

      1. Just to clarify: The rating is what you left for the plugin and NOT a rating of your comment by someone else.

  11. What’s up, I have seen that on occasion this website renders a 404 error message. I figured that you would like to know. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the heads up. WPscoop was rebuilt completely a few months ago so some old links you find on the web might not be working anymore. Where exactly did you run into the error?

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