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FormCraft User Reviews

Currently there are 3 reviews of FormCraft left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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3 Reviews

  1. FormCraft is an amazing and extremely easy to configure form plugin.
    It could be used for something as simple as a “contact us” form or something more advanced & imaginative.
    The form builder is really easy to use and it comes preloaded with the some templates; contact form, newsletter, order form, customer support template.
    This makes the job easier, as you can play with the templates, modify it, till you get a full understanding of the form builder.
    FormCraft can also be integrated with Aweber, GetResponse & Mailchimp. All you have to do is download an add-on from the plugin dashboard. The add-ons are free and it is hosted on the WordPress plugin repository.
    Another awesome feature of FormCraft the conditional law function, which enables you to display or hide elements based on set conditions. This is useful for getting additional information, e.g. you can set the form to display an additional field depending on the answer provided by the person filling the form.
    The form also has a very good spam prevention system, I’ve used the plugin for over a year, it has received over a thousand submissions and not a single one is spam.
    FormCraft also has a beautiful and yet professional feel across several devices. The nCraft claimed it was fully responsive but the thing with these kind of plugins is that you never can be so sure until you test it yourself. The plugin looks good on mobile and it retains its seamless functions across several devices.
    The plugin also allows you send notifications to several E-mail addresses once a form is submitted, you can list several email addresses that you want to receive the submitted form, and you can also view submitted forms from the dashboard. The dashboard also shows you the conversion rate of the plugin; i.e. how many views did the form get and how many submissions.
    The only issue I had with the plugin was when it received a major update, I recently noticed the plugin wasn’t submitting, this was fixed by reauthorizing the plugin but the client lost a lot of leads anyway. This was partly my fault as nCrafts (makers of the plugin) already announced the fix and conflict but I obviously didn’t get the memo.
    If you are looking to buy the plugin, you shouldn’t be worried, The plugin is awesome, you will see!

  2. This is an excellent plugin. Don’t believe that 1 star review – thousands of other users are using it just fine. This form is by far my favourite of all of them. It’s really a joy to use. If it had stripe integration, it would be perfect.

  3. Ive tried installing this plugin with captcha enabled and it doesn’t recognise any entered strings and wont allow form to get submitted, so it doesn’t appear to work.

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Price FormCraft Avg. form Plugin Prices
Minimum (1 Site) 33.00 USD 16.63 USD
Maximum (1 Site) 33.00 USD 99.25 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 330.00 USD 142.38 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 330.00 USD 289.38 USD


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