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Easy Digital Downloads User Reviews

Currently there are 4 reviews of Easy Digital Downloads left by WPscoop users. If you have used this plugin be sure to add your own rating below!

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4 Reviews

  1. I’ve used EDD for a few months now and it’s very robust. For anyone selling digital products, EDD is the swiss-army knife in that niche; it does everything – discounts, recurring-payments, various payment gateways, licenses. I’m very happy with it

  2. I was using woocommerce but have had many issues so decided to look into alternatives. Easy Digital Downloads was a breeze to set up and very easy to customize into what I needed.

    They are doing a great job at keeping the plugin functionality light and focused. A great range of add ons you can add as needed.

    I use it to deliver my premium WordPress plugins. Looks professional and rock solid in performance and support.

  3. The name of the plugin lends to it being exactly what it does, and it does it well: makes digital downloads easy — both to sell and to buy.

    I’ve used both this plugin and WooCommerce for digital related purchases on WordPress sites, but this Easy Digital Downloads is the winner by far when it comes to selling digital products.

    The plugin is much smaller than WooCommerce so it doesn’t slow your site down, but you don’t lose the power needed either. As with any product, the plugin takes time to setup and to get to work properly, but it is not as hard as it may sound.

    The Widgets, Shortcodes and Visual end result are a great help for user experience. The only reason that I didn’t give it all five stars is the fact that it does get a little bit buggish depending on the theme you’re using, however, it’s a great overall plugin and worth using for downloads.

  4. I have switched one of my sites to EDD coming from e-junkie.com a few months ago and for the most part I am very satisfied. The switch went without any major problems, the plugin is easy to setup and for me as a developer easy to work with. Support was always helpful and the many addons make it easy to extend with functionality you need.

    EDD is updated regularly, however that has sometimes caused trouble. One update introduced a bug to how discount codes are applied that has cost me money because users were able to get bigger discounts than intended. Updates also have broken 3rd party addons like the EU VAT extension, in which case you have to run after the developer and wait for him to release a fix.

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Average Rating: 5 (out of 172 reviews)

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Easy Digital Downloads Pricing

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Price Easy Digital Downloads Avg. eCommerce Plugin Prices
Minimum (1 Site) 0.00 USD 45.00 USD
Maximum (1 Site) 1463.00 USD 1051.38 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 0.00 USD 450.00 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 3291.00 USD 2730.38 USD


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