Ninja Forms vs Quform Comparison

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Comparing Ninja Forms vs QuformWhich form plugin is the better alternative for my blog? With more and more competing premium WordPress plugins it gets harder and harder to answer that question. This article takes a look at two popular WordPress form plugins: It compares Ninja Forms with Quform in order to help you with your decision in choosing one.

There are several other alternatives to Ninja Forms and Quform on the market which I have compared in separate articles. Go to my main WordPress Form Plugins comparison to start your search.

Please note that this comparison only looks at the features on paper as reported by either plugin’s developers. It does not and can not tell you if or how well a certain feature will work for you. Because such a verdict would depend on too many variables, including your server setup and personal preference, I have decided to stick to the hard facts for this feature comparison between Ninja Forms and Quform.

Ninja Forms And Quform Feature Comparison

In my comparison I track 31 different features for all the form plugins. In Ninja Forms you can find 24 out of 31 of those features. Quform on the other hand offers 8 out of the 31 features in total.

Ninja Forms Quform
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User Rating

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General Form Features
Drag and Drop Form Editor


Conditional Form Fields


Entry Management


Layout and Style Presets


Multi Page Forms


Notifications and Autoresponders


Create Polls and Surveys
User Registration


Front-End Editor


File Uploads


Signature Input
Popup / Fly-In Forms


Save Form Progress


Ninja Forms Quform
Payment Processor Integration



Ninja Forms Quform
Email and CRM Integration




Campaign Monitor




Mad Mimi




Constant Contact


Zoho CRM


Ninja Forms Quform
Other Features and Integrations
Picatcha Captcha


Pushover Notifications


Export / Import Forms


Even if many of the features compared above overlap between the two competing products there is one very important difference: Ninja Forms as well as Quform both provide a unique interface from which you will create beautiful forms on your WordPress blog. Since it is hard to rate the quality of such an interface objectively I recommend that you try both products yourself before deciding for one.

Ninja Forms vs Quform Price Comparison

WPscoop indexes the exact prixing plans of all compared plugins. Please refer to the table below for a quick overview of the prices of Ninja Forms and Quform.

To find the cheaper form plugin for your individual needs please go to my main comparison article. There you can search for the features you need and then see the exact price you would need to pay for Ninja Forms or Quform (as well as other alternatives).

Price Ninja Forms Quform
Minimum (1 Site) 0.00 USD 28.00 USD
Maximum (1 Site) 355.00 USD 28.00 USD
Minimum (10 Sites) 0.00 USD 280.00 USD
Maximum (10 Sites) 750.00 USD 280.00 USD

Explanations: The minimum price compared above is the lowest price a product is available for, e.g. the version with the least features. The maximum price listed is for a version of the product that includes all features. For plugins that charge per addon it factors in the cost of all available addons. For some products the price increases if you want to use it on more than 1 WordPress site – the listed price for 10 sites shows if that is the case.

Disclaimer: While we update this comparison regularly we can not guarantee the prices displayed above are still correct and take no responsibility if they changed.

More Information

Visit the developers website to learn more about each of the WordPress form plugins and order or download the software.

Most WordPress plugins have an option to test their service for free, either thrhough a basic free version, a trial period or online demo. Check if such an offer exists for Ninja Forms and Quform and if so: Make use of it! By doing so you can compare both plugins directly and find out which one is the better alternative in you situation.

Visit Ninja Forms NowVisit Quform Now

Other Alternative Form Plugins

But wait, there is more! Besides Ninja Forms and Quform I have compared several other form plugins on WPscoop. I recommend you start your search for Ninja Forms alternatives or Quform alternatives in the main comparison article. There you can filter all different products and search for the features you need.

Ninja Forms vs. other WordPress form plugins

Quform vs. other form plugins

Did you spot a mistake in here? Is some feature in my comparison out of date? Please leave a comment below so I can update the article!

Which one is the better WP form plugin: Ninja Forms or Quform? Please share your opinion or experience in the comments!

Last update on: 12.3.2015

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